COVID-19 Response: A No-Cost I-PASS Handoff Template

This downloadable written handoff template (.doc) is in the I-PASS format, and highlights key points of consideration specific to COVID-19 patients.

No-Cost Written Handoff Template

In this time of crisis, it is crucial to ensure handoff communication is clear and comprehensive. The I-PASS Institute and our handoff experts have developed this free written handoff template to support you in handing off these critical patients.

This document was developed by experts in the I-PASS© handoff communication method with clinical guidance from front-line staff providing care during the COVID-19 outbreak. The suggested elements for inclusion in this handoff document are not intended to serve as clinical or diagnostic guidelines.

Be sure to watch our video below for a demonstration of how this template can improve your COVID-19 patient handoffs.

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Video: Considerations for Patient Handoffs