I-PASS Explained

Featuring Dr. Chris Landrigan

Hear from Dr. Chris Landrigan, Chief of General Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, on what prompted the development of I-PASS and how institutions that implement I-PASS are seeing error reductions of 70%.

Malpractice and Patient Harms Calculator

Take less than five minutes and discover how many patient harms, and malpractice costs, could be avoided at your institution. We have made this calculator completely free, be sure to give it a try!


A Proven Blueprint for I-PASS Implementation

The I-PASS Institute provides hospitals with a proven blueprint for implementation, making it easier for hospitals to implement with real-world experience and technology-enabled tools. This includes the following bundle of solutions:


Implementing with the I-PASS Patient Safety Institute ensures sustained adherence to the I-PASS mnemonic structure over time and leads to reductions in harms to patients.


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